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Dear customers, I am pleased to present to you today the already third and purely digital issue of our PATRONAS customer magazine.

Carsten Osswald, PATRONAS Co-Founder and Managing Director

Starting with this issue, we would like to offer our customers and partners a platform in the future to bring their companies and USPs closer to the PATRONAS community. On the client side, Tresides Asset Management GmbH makes the start. On the partner side, RegTech-Provider FundHero S.A. and SynoFin Risikomanagement Service AG briefly introduce themselves.


Another year has passed, and again, it has been full of turbulence and great challenges. The shock waves of COVID-19 had not yet been digested when Europe was confronted with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The war led to a huge wave of refugees and an energy price shock the likes of which we have not seen since the seventies. Inflation data reached double digits in the short term and ushered in a lasting turnaround in the interest rate market, the effects of which we cannot yet fully assess today. We got a small foretaste from the bank quake only a few weeks old, which brought down heavyweights like Credit Suisse, among others.

In the meantime, the interest rate turnaround has also reached the real estate market. Commercial properties in particular, which have benefited massively from low interest rates in recent years, are currently under significant pressure. Despite these difficult conditions, our company has developed very well over the last 12 months.

We have started the year 2023 optimistically and full of drive. With over 18 percent growth in turnover, we are currently tying up with our successful years before 2019. We have now migrated our core products PATRONAS OPUS und PATRONAS TradeDirector, which are based on the latest technology, to almost all of our existing customers. The increased replacement of competing products and the fact that we regularly make it to the last round of pitches – usually even to the final selection – shows that the many years of investment in the renewal of our products has paid off – not only for us, but also for our customers.

The merger with niiio finance group AG is also beginning to bear fruit. Especially in sales, we benefit from a significantly expanded network and cross-selling effects. The Robo-Advisor, which we offer in the Group as a white-label solution and which paves the way for asset managers to have fully digitalised and highly efficient access to smaller assets, is attracting great interest.

This year, our focus continues to be on the development of our web front-end and the expansion of portfolio analytics with a focus on performance attribution and contribution. Here we work with the consultancy d-fine as a sparring partner and plan the finalisation as a web front-end solution in Q4 2023.

For now, I hope that you enjoy reading and gain new insights with our third issue of PATRONAS INSIGHT.

Yours, Carsten Osswald

PATRONAS Co-Founder and

Managing Director

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