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Did you know that PATRONAS OPUS can handle the cash management side of alternative investments, i. e. private equity and private debt? Moreover, PATRONAS OPUS can accomplish this task fully integrated into the investment compliance process. That means you can verify that your cash level is compliant on the full timeline of your investments, just to give an example.

All this is done based on data regarding your capital commitments, capital calls and capital distributions in PATRONAS OPUS.

How do we do this? Let´s have a closer look at this process:

From an investment idea to a compliant investment plan

  • Investment Project will be entered into PATRONAS OPUS with all necessary information (including all cashflow)

  • The investment itself will be checked by pre-trade compliance checks including the current portfolio circumstances

  • In this check, not only the current investment situation will be included, but also the projected cashflow of all assets of the portfolio, as well as any other cashflow within the fund like capital calls, distributions, etc. (cash forecast)

Everything relevant at a glance

  • Investors register, giving the complete details of commitments, called amounts, issued shares and shares redeemed

  • Generators, creating capital calls and distributions with a large set of parameters simplifying and accelerating your cash management

  • Cash positions and cash forecast, projecting the development of cash over time to visualize impacts

Alternative Investments in PATRONAS OPUS with investment structure and financing structure

You would like to have a single solution for efficient management of Alternative Investment Funds along with your liquid assets?

You can manage your liquidity for the full Alternative Investment value stream in PATRONAS OPUS.

Why should you consider our solution for managing your alternative investments?


Comprehensive full integration in the modules of PATRONAS OPUS

Consistent investing in liquid and illiquid asset classes using the same system mechanisms

Focused specific requirements for the assets in an alternative investment environment can be covered

Compliant seamless interaction with the compliance module

Forecast & Simulation cash forecast and simulation covering the full timeline of all relevant positions
specific cash relevant positions can be added from external sources

Are you interested?

The functionality is already available in your PATRONAS OPUS system!

Please book a system demo or a consulting session by contacting

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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