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SUCCESS STORY – Connection between PATRONAS TradeDirector of V-Bank and QPLIX Wealth Management Software 

Our customer, V-Bank AG, already known for its top services in the financial sector, has recently connected a new vendor to the PATRONAS TradeDirector system: QPLIX Wealth Management Software. QPLIX Wealth Management Software, based in Munich, specialises in providing portfolio management solutions specifically tailored to private wealth management clients. 

The project was successfully completed by our team so that QPLIX customers can now benefit from a connection between the systems and send orders electronically to V-Bank. 

What makes this news particularly exciting is the fact that two of the QPLIX customers are already successfully benefiting from this connection and can easily and quickly send orders to V-Bank. 

The partnership between V-Bank AG and QPLIX Wealth Management Software clearly shows how the cooperation of top financial companies can create innovative solutions that offer real added value for our customers. We are proud to be part of this development and look forward to presenting more exciting collaborations and success stories in the future. 

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