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Building the pan-european wealthtech platform for asset ans wealth management

Building the Pan-European WealthTech Platform for Asset and Wealth Management.

With this mission in mind, PATRONAS Financial Systems GmbH and niiio finance group AG have today taken the first step towards a Europe-wide platform for asset and wealth management.

This week will see the incorporation of PATRONAS into the niiio family as a wholly-owned subsidiary, paving the way for the efficient development of the platform and thus the achievement of the common goal without any delay. As an independent company within the niiio group, PATRONAS Financial Systems will take the lead in the area of institutional asset management with its products OPUS and TradeDirector.

It is of vital importance to us that neither our customers nor our employees will experience any change with regard to their daily cooperation and collaboration or with regard to our products or product development! The company founders, Heribert Steuer and Carsten Osswald, will continue to be solely responsible for the management of PATRONAS in the long term.

In addition, both managing directors will in future take on the responsibility for the area of institutional asset management within the group and, as members of the niiio management board, they will play a significant part in achieving growth and success for the group.

PATRONAS Financial Systems GmbH  and niiio AG
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