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DONNER & REUSCHEL Luxemburg S.A. implemented OPUS by Germany based PATRONAS Financial Systems GmbH as central portfolio & order management, compliance management and order routing solution.


Freiburg, Germany, April 30, 2019


PATRONAS Financial Systems (“PATRONAS”), a Freiburg-based leading provider of multi asset portfolio and order management solutions for the international investment industry, announced today that DONNER & REUSCHEL Luxemburg S.A. (“DONNER & REUSCHEL”), a Luxemburg-based portfolio management firm, has finished the implementation of a fully managed installation of PATRONAS’s flagship integrated portfolio and compliance management solution PATRONAS OPUS.


PATRONAS OPUS is a modular and fully integrateable solution for portfolio and order management, including sophisticated compliance as well as fully integrated multi-protocol messaging technology, that will enable DONNER & REUSCHEL to run the most advanced portfolio modelling, simulation and compliance processes and route orders fully electronically to any execution venue required.


Rolf Brandes, CEO of DONNER & REUSCHEL Luxemburg S.A. said:

“PATRONAS OPUS helps us to build an efficient, effective and compliant portfolio management process. So we can shift our performance towards our client’s needs.

Although PATRONAS OPUS is already a mighty tool, PATRONAS is very open to developing new features or to apply smaller change-requests.

PATRONAS staff is always patient, friendly and responsive. Everybody was extremely supportive during the implementation phase.

Thank you all for that!”


“We are pleased to welcome DONNER & REUSCHEL among our PATRONAS OPUS customers.” said Carsten Osswald, Founder and CEO of PATRONAS Financial Systems. “Our commitment to providing best-in-class processes to DONNER & REUSCHEL for covering their business needs is being visible in the successful implemenation of PATRONAS OPUS.”

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