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PATRONAS offers a fully digital advisor process in asset management


Freiburg, October 5, 2021 – With PATRONAS OPUS, the Freiburg-based PATRONAS Financial Systems GmbH offers an efficient and CSSF-compliant way to map the advisor process and to place new orders in the portfolio management system in a completely digital way.

The solution that has been developed for the DJE Kapital AG (Munich) enables the advisor to enter order proposals directly in the asset management system.

Alternatively, order proposals can be uploaded or received electronically via the API.

The advantage of this solution is a processing of the proposals strictly according to compliance rules. The advisor will be able to deposit a pre-investment policy for each order proposal. Furthermore, the advisor can perform a simulation of the pre-trade compliance check to ensure that the order proposals comply with the investment guidelines of the fund. If a breach is detected the advisor can analyse the reasons for this directly in the system and adjust the order proposals accordingly.

After a successful pre-trade compliance check, the advisor submits his order proposals to the portfolio management for review and approval. For the portfolio manager, this process optimisation means that he no longer receives faxes and e-mails. Instead, pre-tested order proposals that comply with the investment guidelines can be processed directly within the system and advised orders can be selected separately at any time.

PATRONAS OPUS is equipped with a role-based authorisation concept. In the process flow, all status changes and additional information of an order are documented in a revision-compliant manner.

About PATRONAS Financial Systems

PATRONAS Financial Systems is a leading software provider for the international investment industry. PATRONAS offers integrated portfolio, risk, compliance and order management solutions for investment advisors, managers and administrators.

The company was founded in 2003 by Carsten Osswald and Heribert Steuer.

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