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BIT Capital optimises portfolio management with PATRONAS


Freiburg, 25th of October 2022: PATRONAS Financial Systems GmbH has gained BIT Capital, a digital pioneer and one of the most successful asset managers of the recent past in Germany, as a new customer.

As an asset manager of the digital age, BIT Capital offers its investors participation in the value growth of tomorrow's most innovative technology companies. With PATRONAS and its products PATRONAS OPUS and PATRONAS TradeDirector, BIT Capital is focusing on a technologically leading provider of software solutions in asset management in Europe for its further growth strategy.

PATRONAS OPUS not only enables consolidated access to the data of the currently four investment companies, but also more efficient management of all funds, regardless of the investment company. Many manual work steps will be eliminated in the future. Investment limit checks within seconds, electronic order routing to the deposited brokers and executions that immediately provide an updated fund value based on real time holdings meet today's demands of a fund manager in the digital age.

The PATRONAS TradeDirector allows BIT Capital to automate work steps such as the bundling of orders across different funds and partners. Orders and their execution within seconds can be tracked in real time. Thanks to the system integration of PATRONAS OPUS and TradeDirector, there is no need to change systems. As part of the roll-out, an interface to Bloomberg will also be implemented and, for obtaining ESG data, an interface to MSCI.

Hendrik Krawinkel, Managing Director BIT Capital: "We already know the predecessor system PATRONAS OPUS 1 from our cooperation with the service provider IP Concept. Now we are pleased to be able to offer our investors further improved investment products with our own PATRONAS solution and thus further optimised fund management. We also expect efficiency gains in the cooperation between our teams."

Krawinkel adds "From the PATRONAS TradeDirector software, we expect even more efficient trading with national and international instruments and brokers. Via the corresponding routing lines from FIXhub, we will not only trade standards, but also derivatives and OTC products directly and, as soon as available, also crypto assets."

Carsten Osswald, Managing Director of PATRONAS, adds: "We are very pleased to support BIT Capital with our innovative software solutions from now on. At the same time, we are proud that a technologically savvy company like BIT Capital has chosen PATRONAS. Our systems are ideal solutions for ambitious asset management, as practiced by BIT Capital. Whether listed or over-the-counter traded assets with direct settlement via a worldwide broker and trading platform network - all these are established standards in our setup. We are looking forward to implementing future requirements, such as cryptocurrencies, with BIT Capital's agile team.

About PATRONAS Financial Systems GmbH

PATRONAS Financial Systems GmbH, a company of the niiio finance group AG, is a leading software provider for the international investment industry. PATRONAS offers integrated portfolio, risk, compliance and order management solutions for investment managers, advisors, administrators and trading desks.

The company was founded in 2003 by Carsten Osswald and Heribert Steuer.

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