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As PATRONAS collaborates with Temenos Multifonds, we would like to present this very interesting company to our customers:

Temenos offers cloud-first, AI-driven solutions enabling fund administrators, asset managers and insurance providers to transform their operations to enter new markets, launch new services and win new business.

The unique Explainable AI (XAI) enabled solution, Multifonds, offers a single, global platform to consolidate fragmented, legacy systems, increase control and oversight, and reduced operational risk. Supporting over $10 trillion in assets and more than 30,000 funds globally, Temenos Multifonds partners with 9 of the top 15 global fund administrators, as well as many other institutions including: Alternative Administrators, Insurance Providers and Asset Managers, both traditional and alternative.

The Multifonds platform delivers the functionality, scalability and flexibility to address the demands of investors and the asset management industry today and tomorrow.

Investment accounting

Temenos Multifonds supports traditional and alternative funds and combines key asset servicing, position keeping, valuation and accounting functions for all structures of pooled vehicles and funds, across multiple jurisdictions.

Workflow and exception-driven processing

Workflow and exception-based capabilities enable fundamental improvements to the efficiency of fund operations, letting users improve their own efficiency and service quality while meeting the tightest NAV and distribution deadlines.

Intelligent reporting

Gain easy access to customizable reports, in multiple formats, to speed up the work of investigating discrepancies and provide a fast response to changing regulatory requirements and client requests.

Wide asset coverage and multi-jurisdiction support

Support clients launching new products and entering new markets by consolidating fragmented, legacy systems and instead deliver multi-asset, multi-jurisdiction support across a wide range of fund structures and fund requirements on a single, global platform.

Fully integrated IBOR and ABOR

A flexible, real-time investment accounting engine with integrated Investment Book of Records (IBOR) and Accounting Book of Records (ABOR) views to support and provide services to the middle and back offices throughout each day, including multiple and/or ad-hoc valuations and NAVs.

Investor servicing & transfer agency

Multifonds streamlines the distribution chain by digitizing the onboarding process with a modern technology platform. Leveraging a sophisticated Investor Servicing app, through to the APIs which seamlessly integrate SWIFT and NSCC counterparties will create new efficiencies and reduce risk. Temenos Multifonds offers the ability to enhance investor services with digital capabilities including on-boarding, client engagement and compliance (including AML, KYC, FATCA and CRS compliance and reporting).

Digital, data-driven solutions Apps for distributors and retail investors offer self or assisted onboarding capabilities, direct access to investments into funds and review of the evolution of their portfolio over time.

Automation, workflow and controls Integrated workflow, controls and exception management frameworks to enhance levels of automation and oversee your operations through an exception-based processing model.

Flexible fees and commissions Support for the calculations of performance and incentive fees, distribution fees, retrocessions and commissions.

Alernatives Support for private equity and real estate funds, and hedge funds.


Temenos Multifonds Navigator is a net asset value (NAV) shadow, oversight and contingency solution designed for asset managers, insurance firms and pension funds to deliver an automated, low-touch and timely user experience.

Providing users with a solution with the following features:

  • Independent of your primary fund administrator

  • Available remotely through the web, with an intuitive, modern user interface

  • Easy/highly automated to start and run on a daily basis

  • User-definable controls for ongoing refinement of oversight procedures

Why clients choose Temenos

  • Supporting 9 of the top 15 global fund administrators

  • Cloud-native, cloud-agnostic platform and API framework that delivers broad functionality

  • SaaS solution that scales as you grow your business

  • Trusted experts with a 25-year track record

  • Reliable delivery, to institutions of any size, anywhere in the world

  • 20% of revenue invested into R&D that guarantees rapid product innovation

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