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Alternative Investments

Manage your liquidity for the full Alternative Investment value stream in PATRONAS OPUS.


Would you like to manage alternative investments together with your funds invested in liquid asset classes in the same system?

This is possible in our Portfolio Management System PATRONAS OPUS, which now also supports illiquid asset classes such as private equity, loans and real estate.

Recent developments now allow our clients to entirely manage not only their liquid funds in PATRONAS OPUS, but also Alternative Investments. This includes pre trade compliance checks with full look-through in case of private equity investments and cash projections on both the investment and investor side.

From an investment idea to a compliant investment plan

  • Investment Project will be entered with all necessary informations including all occuring cashflows to PATRONAS OPUS

  • The investment itself will be checked by pre-trade compliance checks including the current portfolio circumstances

  • In this check, not only the current investment situation but also the projected cashflows of all assets of the portfolio but also any other cashflow within the fund like capital calls, distributions, etc (= cash forecast) will be included.

Everything relevant at a glance

  • Investors register, giving the complete details of commitments, called amounts, issued shares and shares redeemed

  • Generators, creating capital calls and distributions with a large set of parameters simplifying and accelerating your cash management

  • Cash positions and cashforecast, projecting the development of cash over time to visualize impacts

Alternative Investments
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