for centralized trading departments at Investment Managers and agency trading departments at Banks and Brokers.

Its cross-asset and multi-market capability supports the entire trading process of Equity, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, Money Market, Commodities and Derivatives – traded on or off exchange. The open system architecture allows the easy integration into your existing IT infrastructure.

Multi Protocol



PATRONAS TradeDirector facilitates the electronic connection of customers and exchanges, OTC trading platforms and brokers via Financial Exchange Protocol (FIX) or alternative communication formats.

The fully integrated FIX technology processes thousands of transactions per second and is fully scalable. Links (in- and outbound) to a variety of counterparties are available as standard adapter.

Customer specific connections can be established by configuration rather than development. Numerous non-FIX message formats like SWIFT, BVI Excel Sheets, FAX and Email can be processed electronically.


PATRONAS TradeDirector ensures optimized, transparent and secure trading operations via one single front end. Orders can be received electronically or entered manually. Orders will be routed and processed based on a wide range of criteria (like customer, market, instrument, size, side etc.) to external counterparties or internal trading and/or processing desks for manual intervention.

All order and execution steps can be monitored and managed in real time.

Order Management module – in a snapshot:

  • Elektronic order entry (via FIX, Excel, CSV etc..)

  • DMA and Care Order management

  • Request for Quote (RFQ) functionality for OTC products

  • receipt of Indication of Interest (IOI) message flow

  • order routing based on available algorithms (per executing broker)

  • electronic order management

    • order routing via FIX

    • execution feed back via FIX

    • confirmations via SWIFT or CSV

  • centralized order book

  • flexible, individual configuration of GUI (colors, filters, alerts etc.)

  • execution management including valuta, commissons and other fees

  • data storage  

  • Audit Trail


PATRONAS TradeDirector allows electronic trading of algorithmic, BestX,  DMA and Care Order flow with numerous counterparties and liquidity pools. Orders (customer and market side) can be monitored in highly configurable and filterable order books, depending on asset class, counterparty, order status and types. The solution supports basket orders and order bundling  as well as a number of additional innovative trading functionalities.

PATRONAS TradeDirector also promotes the processing, transmission and management of allocations, commissons & fees, confirmations and reconciliation of orders between customers, counterparties and internal or external billing systems.

TradeExecution module – in a snapshot:

  • DMA, Care Order und algorithmic order flow management

  • configurable user front end

  • numerous filtering options

  • pre and post trade allocations

  • basket orders

  • Audit Trail

Trade Processing module – in a snapshot:

  • commission and fee management

  • allocation management

  • automated reconciliaton

  • open interface for efficient integration with internal or external counterparties

  • archiving of all relevant data


PATRONAS TradeDirector supports the multi asset trading on exchanges, MTFs and multi-bank trading platforms via own membership or a large choice of international brokers.

A large number of brokers and execution venues are available out-of-the-box via

 Market Access module – a snapshot view:

  • market access via individual broker connection - via FIX protocol

  • connectivity with enables the routing to all brokers and execution venues connected to the network via FIX protocol.


PATRONAS TradeDirector has a highly sophisticated in-built calculation engine for brokerage and trading fees in addition to the ability to import and process calculations from an existing 3rd-Party system via a dynamic interface. The calculation can be based on client, asset class, volume and many other criteria or based on a counterparty specific commission table.

After validation, executed orders will be dispatched automatically to the relevant counterparty or system (Middle Office, back Office etc.) – including any commission or trading fees.


PATRONAS TradeDirector fulfils necessary regulatory and customer-specific reporting requirements.

Timely and complex reporting has become a vital requirement for all trade related solutions. It is therefore necessary to store massive amounts of static and market data, as well as all relevant order and execution related data, over longer periods of time and to make this data available within the system in order to provide adequate reports and analysis, whenever needed.

Reports can be created individually or based on templates and they can be dispatched electronically at pre-defined schedule or upon request.

The open database architecture makes it easy to fulfil any regulatory or customer specific requirements with regard to reporting. 


PATRONAS TradeDirector provides a comprehensive and customizable user profile and authorization management module, targeting the needs of organisations and regulators: Front Office: (Electronic) Sales, Sales Trader and Execution Trader, Middle Office: Compliance, Risk and Processing roles


PATRONAS TradeDirector provides standard interfaces for different market data suppliers. Static and market  data can be imported from various external sources, so that our customers can choose the best value-for-money alternative for their individual requirements.


All PATRONAS TradeDirector modules are based on one common database. As a Business Warehouse and report repository TradeDirector allows regulatory compliant documentation, analysis, reporting and historical archiving of orders and their fair market execution.

The open system architecture provides a variety of integration possibilities to 3rd-Party front, middle and back-office systems