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with buy and sell side of a Sparkasse   


PATRONAS TradeDirector for efficient order management with the buy and sell side of a Sparkasse

A well-integratable and flexibly adjustable trading system was sought for the strategic further development of the trading of a saving bank (Sparkasse). Another requirement was unlimited access to brokers and platforms without changing systems. Geographical proximity and high, expert service quality were further important requirements.

The PATRONAS TradeDirector solution enables both the traders of the savings bank and their customers to track the status of placed orders and their execution in real time at any time. This digitalization step also immediately provides an improved service for its customers. The bank uses PATRONAS TradeDirector both as an order router and as a receiver of electronic orders.

Membership in the FIXhub routing network provides electronic access to all brokers and trading platforms currently connected to the network. New additions to the network are automatically and immediately available to each member institution.

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