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For its future strategy, an ambitious asset manager with a tech focus is specifically relying on PATRONAS OPUS and PATRONAS TradeDirector, a technologically leading provider of software solutions in asset management in Europe.

PATRONAS OPUS not only ensures consolidated access to the data of several financial investment management companies, but also the efficient management of these funds, independent of the respective management company. Manual work steps, such as reconciliation tasks, are thus eliminated. Investment limit checks within seconds, electronic order routing to the deposited brokers, and executions that immediately provide an updated fund value based on real time holdings meet the expectations of a fund manager of the digital age.

PATRONAS TradeDirector automatically aggregates orders across different funds and for different trading partners. Orders and their split-second executions can be tracked in real time. The system integration of PATRONAS OPUS and TradeDirector creates efficiency and transparency without changing systems. The interfaces to Bloomberg and to MSCI for obtaining ESG data efficiently supplement the data inventory.

PATRONAS TradeDirector enables even more efficient trading of exchange-listed or over-the-counter assets with direct settlement via a global broker and trading platform network. Not only standard securities, but also derivatives and OTC products are traded directly via routing lines from FIXhub, and soon available also crypto assets.

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