Our products

are built on a modular concept and one single technology framework allowing us offer price-efficient out-of-the-box products as well as highly customized and integrated individual solutions reflecting the unique workflow requirements of our customers.

OPUS: is our integrated Portfolio, Order, Compliance and Risk Management System optimizing the investment/trading process of Investment Advisers, Managers and Administrators.

TradeDirector: is our innovative Order Management System targeting the trade execution workflow of centralized buy-side execution and sell-side brokerage desks supporting the management of the whole lifecycle of an order from inception to settlement.

FrontFIX: is our connectivity manager ensuring maximum interoperability of internal systems from Investment Manager, Banks and Brokers with external partners (Customers, Custodians, Banks, Brokers and Exchanges) based on FIX or arbitrary protocols.

Cloud (SaaS): We offer all our solutions as managed or Software as a Service solution to free up the resources of our customers.

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