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Freiburg, November 2021 | PATRONAS Financial Systems with high customer satisfaction

The first online customer survey by PATRONAS Financial Systems was concluded with a double success. As a thank-you for participating in our customer survey, well over 200 trees were planted as an active contribution to climate protection. We also received direct feedback from our customers on our products and services.

The response was consistently positive and demonstrated broad support for our products. The responses came from all user groups of our system worlds: from portfolio managers, from order management, from risk management, from the middle and back office, and from the investment compliance department.

Basically, our customers are very satisfied with the contact to PATRONAS, they receive quick and uncomplicated answers to their questions. The same applies to the introduction of PATRONAS products, such as OPUS, QuickStart and the TradeDirector. The system implementation projects as well as the training courses were rated with top marks by our customers.

The most important functions used on a daily basis are portfolio management, trading, masterdata management as well as investment compliance (investment limit check). The evaluation of our system interface, the portfolio perspective, trading and order management also met with a very positive response. There were also words of appreciation for our trading system TradeDirector: according to the opinion of the users, the system fully meets the requirements and the number of connected brokers "is top".

Overall, we can draw the following conclusion from this survey: our customers are very satisfied with PATRONAS Financial Systems; they like working with the products and they meet the high expectations.

About PATRONAS Financial Systems

PATRONAS Financial Systems is a leading software provider for the international investment industry. PATRONAS offers integrated portfolio, risk, compliance and order management solutions for investment advisors, managers and administrators, as well as the FrontFIX messaging platform and routing network.

The company was founded in 2003 by Carsten Osswald and Heribert Steuer. Further information:


Press contact:

PATRONAS Financial Systems GmbH

c/o Norwin Schörrig

Schnewlinstr. 12

D-79098 Freiburg

Tel.: +49 761 400688-36

Mobil: +49 175 5827000

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