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AMFILEON an ambitious start-up on the German market relies on PATRONAS Quickstart and API technology from PATRONAS to combine amon other things AI models and trading system technology.


Freiburg, March 18, 2022 - With AMFILEON AG from Munich, PATRONAS Financial Systems has won a young fund boutique that values technically high-frequency and proven processes.


"The online compliance check with split-second feedback via API was just one essential component" says Dr. Sebastian Helmensdorfer, CEO of AMFILEON AG. "The portfolio management with mapping of the SWAP structures incl. cash management and the corporate actions lay the foundation for our technical setup. We are certain that with PATRONAS FINANCIAL SYSTEMS we have found the right provider for the implementation of our high-frequency trading approach. The discussions held so far have shown a high level of understanding for our process concerns and we are already very much looking forward to starting the project and working together."


Amfileon was founded by industry-leading experts with the aim of developing innovative quantitative investment strategies at the highest level. This is based on artificial intelligence models and unique technologies in the field of trading systems and algorithms. The Amfileon team consists of highly detail-oriented scientists from the STEM field. An open exchange of information forms the basis for efficient collaboration at Amfileon. To foster this and create congruence of interests among all stakeholders, Amfileon uses a specially designed social and compensation model."

Press contact:

PATRONAS Financial Systems GmbH

c/o Norwin Schörrig

Schnewlinstr. 12

D-79098 Freiburg

Tel.: +49 761 400688-36

Mobil: +49 175 5827000

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