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Alceda Fund Management S.A. migrated to the new major version of PATRONAS OPUS by Germany based PATRONAS Financial Systems GmbH as central portfolio & order management, compliance management and order routing solution.


Freiburg, Germany, April 30, 2019


PATRONAS Financial Systems (“PATRONAS”), a Freiburg-based leading provider of multi asset portfolio and order management solutions for the international investment industry, today announced that Alceda Fund Management S.A. (“ALCEDA”), a Luxemburg-based portfolio management firm, has finished the migration to the new major version of the PATRONAS OPUS system, which provides a totally new architecture capable of covering various business needs and providing a modular and fully integrateable solution for portfolio and order management.


PATRONAS’s flagship integrated portfolio and compliance management solution PATRONAS OPUS will enable ALCEDA to run the most advanced portfolio modelling, simulation and compliance processes and route orders fully electronically to any execution venue required.


Roman Zervas, Head FAG Operations of Alceda Luxemburg S.A. said:

“After nearly six months of testing and migrating, the new PATRONAS OPUS system was finally implemented. Through all ups and downs, we´ve been facing, the support team helps with words and deed nearly 24/7.

We now benefit of the open Architecture and the customizability of the new PATRONAS OPUS system.

Each user is able to configure his settings individually, which leads to a better clarity and operability, compared to the old system.”


“This is the first major migration of an OPUS customer to the new version of PATRONAS OPUS.” said Carsten Osswald, Founder and CEO of PATRONAS Financial Systems. “ALCEDA can now benefit from the new architecture and the extended capabilities within PATRONAS OPUS.”

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