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The survey

We asked our customers' opinions again in November 2022, as we welcome your feedback, want to learn from constructive criticism and are always working to improve our service and products.

As a special motivation to participate, we raffled an iPad among the participants. The environment also continues to be close to our hearts, which is why we will once again be carrying out our tree planting campaign with one donated tree for every questionnaire answered. What makes it special this time: We as a team will lend a hand and are going to plant the trees in the Black Forest region. We are really looking forward to this.

Almost exclusively end users of our products took part in the survey, most of whom use our core product PATRONAS OPUS. Only 20% of the respondents are TradeDirector users and 6% QuickStart customers.

“Because OPUS offers exactly what you could want from a portfolio management system in relation to the price.”

High satisfaction with our collaboration

In the survey we were interested in your opinion regarding service, product, media & events as well as your overall satisfaction.

In connection with our customer newsletter and our customer magazine INSIGHT you have informed us of your favoured interests. Above all, the topics new features, PATRONAS insights and new customers are particularly attractive for you.

We have been focusing more on our LinkedIn channel for a few months now, as we want to keep you up to date about us and our products. That's why it was important for us to find out that you are also particularly interested in our customers and partners as well as features and events. Surprising for us was the fact that 33% of you reported not being on this platform. Perhaps you will visit us there in the future: it's worth it!

You gave us suggestions for improvements to our products, which we discuss and evaluate in the respective teams. One wish that was mentioned several times was a web connection. Our web team is working intensively on the web client for PATRONAS OPUS and smaller functions such as portfolio statistics are already available in the callable client at PATRONAS OPUS. Other suggestions you mentioned are also related to the development of the web client, such as improved clarity and user-friendliness. Your feedback is directly incorporated into the development process.

“Stable product. Development reacts sufficiently flexibly. Very good customer support.”

The answers to the question about particularly good features range from order routing and portfolio rebalancing to export/import functions. The customisability of our products and customer-specific implementations are highly valued by you.

Our Help Centre in PATRONAS OPUS still seems to be little known, because only 10% of you had used it already. For us, this is a sign to make it more actively known.

In the survey, we placed a focus on the evaluation of our support. For questions regarding competence, helpfulness or friendliness, you could give up to 5 stars. At this point, we are very proud of the "shower of stars": Our support was awarded an average of 4.7 stars.

93% give us 4 or 5 stars when asked about satisfaction with working with us and 86% would recommend us to colleagues. That's great!

“Very good customer service, expertise of employees in the financial market is high, program can be customised in contrast to competitors, degree of automation is high.”


For us, this survey was again a gain and we conclude it with a positive result.

We have already passed on the feedback internally to the relevant departments and will evaluate the suggestions and information from the survey. Your input is enormously important to us!

We are also satisfied with the fact that our competition was very well received. For our Customer Engagement Manager Martin Lechelmayr it was a special pleasure to personally hand over the iPad to the winner of our raffle. In addition, you can already look forward to the photos from our tree planting campaign.

Finally, we would like to thank all those who participated in the survey and take this opportunity to report back to you that we very much appreciate the successful and fruitful cooperation with you.

What our customers say

We were very pleased to read your answers to the question why you recommend us. In addition, you gave us very kind words at the end of the survey. Here are a few excerpts (some quotes are translated into English):

„Very nice team, great product, constant improvements. We like working with you very much!”
“Well-engineered product with high availability and low error rate, high flexibility for customer requirements.”
“Years of very good and trustful cooperation.”

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