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PATRONAS Financial Systems GmbH


  • Victoria Osswald-Vialar und Caroline Weber


A website is accessible worldwide, 24/7 and 365 days a year and is therefore the digital flagship of a company – the first impression counts! On the website, potential customers can find information about products and services at any time.

PATRONAS is always evolving and we have the claim that this is also reflected in our digital communication. That is why we were convinced that it was time to redesign our homepage. Our goal was to ensure that users can quickly and easily access all the information they need. In addition, it was very important to us that the website reflects the uniqueness of PATRONAS.

What has changed?

– New visuals

If you have already had a look around our new website, you probably noticed the animations and new objects, like the sailboats on the autumnal Schluchsee in the Black Forest (on the product page) or the mountain gondolas on the PATRONAS OPUS-page.

Here we deliberately set ourselves apart from other companies with a unique visual language and provide visitors to our website with a visual experience.

It was important to us that the website has a modern, unique design and thus optimally represents PATRONAS and the people behind it.

In our visual language, which runs through the entire website, the location Freiburg plays a special role. As a common thread, the endearing city in the middle of Europe symbolises the company's origins and stands for the traditionally high quality associated with products from the Black Forest region.

Freiburg is the home of PATRONAS, and it is certainly no coincidence that this company was founded and has grown right here.

From the centre of Europe, we are drawn out into the world, and at the same time we value our roots and the proximity to our customers.

– A navigation with greater clarity

Our aim is to present the high-quality product and service range of PATRONAS as concisely and comprehensibly as possible, so that website visitors can easily find their way around at any time and we can convince them of our quality. For this reason, we have simplified the website navigation with unique keywords. This way, you can get to the information you need with just a few clicks.

Above all, we have "tidied up" the product section (PATRONAS OPUS) so that you can find your way around more quickly. Well, we think we have succeeded: Now the page is much clearer.

How did we manage that?

On the one hand, we have created new subpages for the individual modules. In addition, we have considerably shortened the texts and reduced them to the essentials to give you a quicker overview of various topics. In the course of this, we have also made visual changes, such as upgrading the rhombus (PATRONAS OPUS).

To ensure the successful growth of the team in the future, we have created an extra page with current job postings. This way, talented and dedicated colleagues can find their way to us even more quickly and easily and become part of our unique team.

How do you like the redesign of our website?

We are looking forward to your feedback!

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