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  • Heiko Hector & Günter Unterleitner



My guiding principle when founding FundHero was very simple: to do what I enjoy doing myself - together with people who feel the same way as I do.

It makes me very proud that within a very short time, with a team of currently 12 "Heroes", we have gained the trust of so many customers and partners. Working at eye level is the central approach within the team, but above all for our customers and partners, because: With the services we offer, we have years of experience on the side of fund companies and therefore understand their requirement profile optimally.

As a rule, our customers are small and medium-sized fund companies as well as asset managers, whom we support within the scope of "managed service" solutions from implementation and documentation, through "normal" day-to-day business, to communication with their customers and auditors, for example. This comprehensive offering is designed to enable our customers to focus more on their core business in an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Our key figures and reports, including parameterization and "prove-outs", can be viewed and tracked via an online portal. Adapted to the needs of our customers, we also provide reports in PDF, Excel or other formats, e. g. as CSV, which can also be used for further processing in the customer's proprietary systems.

Our "Managed RISK Service" covers the classic risk management of a fund company, especially with a focus on market and liquidity risks of the funds. The calculation of value at risk, stress and back testing as well as leverage for UCITS and AIF are the cornerstones of market risk monitoring. For liquidity risk management, the liquidity of the asset side is first determined using various selectable approaches, stressed using different scenarios and finally linked to the liability side, i. e. unit transactions or further requirements from the "ESMA Guidelines on Liquidity Stress Testing".

Sustainable Investing has the potential to be the gamechanger for the fund industry. To ensure that our clients are best equipped to meet these challenges, we offer our "Managed SUSTAINABILITY Service", a comprehensive offering to meet the requirements for funds under Art. 8 and 9. of the SFDR. From support in the preparation of the "pre-contractual information" to EET, valuation-daily ESG and PAI reporting to the "regular information" according to SFDR, we are the competent partner at your side.

Our range of services is rounded off by services such as the provision of personnel and substance, e. g. risk managers or boards of directors, as well as support with regulatory reporting, e. g. AIFMD reporting. Particularly in the AIF area, we are happy to contribute our know-how to your project within the framework of project-specific consulting or the evaluation of complex structures.

Heiko Hector

Managing Director & Founder



SynoFin started 12 years ago with a beauty contest trip to well-known companies in the financial industry. With my idea to start a risk manager with AIFMG approval and own modern software, I also visited PATRONAS. Back home in Liechtenstein my conclusion after the conversation with Carsten Osswald and Heribert Steuer was: „Good idea, go ahead and then we'll see if you can do that.“

"Good idea, go ahead and then we'll see if you can do that."

When we met again in 2022, we immediately hit it off - both sides were positively surprised by the partner's development and fully convinced. The innovative strength and customer orientation of both companies immediately resulted in many complementary starting points. Since SynoFin can quickly and competently create solutions in a network with financial mathematics chairs and development partners, we are the perfect partner for innovative and market-oriented companies like PATRONAS.

SynoFin has established itself as a risk provider for platforms, banks, fund companies and asset managers in German-speaking Europe. Since we can calculate nearly 200 portfolios per hour on an ad-hoc basis, we are also very interesting for mass users and providers as an integrated module. In addition to our core product of market risk and stress test calculation, our performance and other add-on modules always meet with great interest.

But we want more: the new software technologies such as web/cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning will shape our next products.

Can you imagine your SynoFin robo-assessor greeting you in the morning with the most exciting developments in your portfolios? We can: because it has been following your analyses and actions and thus learned from your risk management practice.

Or can you imagine your new risk validator ensuring high data quality? We do, because self-learning data management functions can fill gaps and correct deviations in a content-sensitive manner.

We look forward to a continued successful cooperation with PATRONAS.

Günter Unterleitner Founder, CEO

SynoFin Risikomanagement Service AG

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