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As a portfolio manager in the financial industry, you are responsible for making important decisions when investing the funds of your clients. A deep understanding of the market, the performance of various assets, and the risk factors involved in different investments are essential. In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on the importance of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) in the financial industry.

In this article, we introduce the concepts of UX and UI, give examples of how they can be applied in the financial industry, and provide a little insight into the future impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on UX design.

What is UX/UI?

UX refers to the overall experience of users when interacting with a product or service. It includes factors such as the usability, accessibility, and attractiveness of the product or service. UI, on the other hand, refers to the interface through which users interact with the product or service. It includes the layout, visual design, and controls of the interface.

In the context of the financial industry, UX and UI are important considerations when designing online trading platforms, mobile apps, and other digital tools that portfolio managers use on a daily basis. Well-designed UX and UI can help you make informed decisions faster, communicate more effectively with your clients, and simplify your workflow.

Examples of UX/UI in the financial industry

An example of a reasonable use of UX in the financial industry is the use of interactive charts and graphs. Visualizations can help you understand complex data sets and spot trends or patterns more easily. By allowing you to manipulate the chart or graph (for example, by zooming in on a specific time period or changing the series of data displayed), the platform can allow you to explore the data more deeply and gain insights that may not be obvious at first glance. A reasonable use of UI in the financial industry involves the use of concise labels and requires clear navigation. For example, a trading platform should use simple terms to describe the different asset classes and make it easy for you to find and execute trades. A mobile app should use intuitive icons and gestures to help you access various functions quickly and easily.

How can UX/UI improve your daily work?

As a portfolio manager, you bear a lot of responsibility and you are permanently busy managing a variety of tasks. Your job is to monitor market movements, analyse financial data, communicate with clients, and make decisions about how to invest your clients' money. A well-designed UX and UI can help you do these things more efficiently and successfully.

An example of this is a platform with a clean and uncluttered UI that helps you focus on the most important information and reduces the risk of distractions or errors. A platform that uses intuitive controls and gestures can make it easier for you to execute trades or access various features. A platform that provides personalised recommendations or notifications can help you stay up to date on market trends and opportunities. Overall, a good UX and UI can help you save time, reduce stress, and make better decisions. By simplifying and streamlining your workflow, you can focus on the tasks that require your skills and judgment, rather than dealing with a confusing or cumbersome UI.

What is my daily task at PATRONAS in the area of UX/UI?

In the area of user research, for example, I focus on systematically collecting data on the needs, goals, behaviours, and pain points of users in order to gain a deeper understanding of them. We use methods such as interviews, surveys, and usability testing and share our findings with the software development team. Discovery is another aspect of the design process. It encompasses the initial phase of a design project where the team identifies a problem that they are working on through methods such as brainstorming, creating user personas, and establishing project goals and objectives. The goal of discovery is to understand the problem space and develop a solution that meets both the needs of the users and the goals of the organization.

The future of AI and UX

Because artificial intelligence (AI) is constantly evolving, it will have a significant impact on UX design in the financial industry in the future. AI can be used to improve personalised recommendations and notifications by analysing large amounts of data and identifying patterns that may not be immediately obvious to a human user. For example, an AI system will analyse your investment portfolio and suggest rebalancing strategies based on changing market conditions or risk profiles. AI can also be used to optimise the layout and content of dashboards and other user interfaces by learning which data points are most relevant and useful to you. For example, an AI system will track which metrics you tend to focus on and arrange them in a more prominent position in the dashboard.

It will also highlight important trends or anomalies that require your attention. Beyond these specific applications, AI can play a more general role in improving the UX of financial platforms. For example, an AI system will analyse user feedback and usage data to identify areas of the UI that are confusing or cumbersome and suggest appropriate design improvements. It can also predict the needs and preferences of different users and adapt the user interface to their specific needs.


UX and UI are critical considerations when designing platforms and tools in the financial industry. By focusing on usability, accessibility, and attractiveness, it is possible to create user interfaces that help portfolio managers make informed decisions faster, communicate more effectively with clients, and streamline their workflows. AI will also impact UX design in the financial industry by providing personalised recommendations, optimizing user interface layout, and identifying areas for improvement.

PATRONAS ensures that you benefit from the latest developments in UX and UI design at all times and always receive the best products. We look forward to supporting you in this challenging task.

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