for investment managers, custodians and fund managers who wish to optimize their business processes.

PATRONAS OPUS is a modular and fully integratable solution – it can be deployed across various asset classes and an international market environment. The solution enables you to successfully control and manage your entire investment process in equities, derivatives, FI, FX, commodities and money markets.

​The modular concept allows you to adapt the scope of your PATRONS OPUS deployment to your individual needs and changing business requirements, if and when needed. In addition, the open system architecture facilitates the easy and effortless integration with your existing IT landscape.

​OPUS is available either as a deployed or as a fully hosted and managed solution.


The most effective solution for strategy-based operations!

Asset and risk managers are increasingly dependent on technical solutions to deal with the complexity of their work.

PATRONAS OPUS offers a data centric approach to IBOR which will provide you with a real time centralised and consolidated view on all assets, exposures and risk across your company via one single platform. Simulation and modeling within and across numerous portfolios simultaneously enables portfolio managers to analyse all investment decisions in advance and to fulfil all requirements with respect to compliance and risk.

PATRONAS will help you to quickly and efficiently reach your investment goals! 


Portfolio Management Module – a snapshot:

  • real time overview across complex, multi-asset portfolios: global, single, drilled down.

  • easy maintenance or modification of existing portfolio structures in case of cash in or outflow

  • automated implementation of transaction decisions by the portfolio management – into any number or group of portfolios

  • automated generation of orders across portfolios with ensuing risk control

  • automated order processing across portfolios following successful risk control

  • pre trade, post trade, post booking simulation and analysis

  • portfolio hedging to cover any currency risk

  • master portfolio replication

  • portfolio modelling:

    • each customer account can act both as master and slave

    • each trade can act as clone template – it can be easily mirrored to any number of portfolios by the touch of a button


The following methods are available:

  • adjust the trade to or by:

    • an absolute volume

    • a percentage figure relative to the customers capital

  • change the trade to or by:

    • an absolute volume

    • a percentage amount relative to existing positions


  • historical portfolio view – “Time Machine” functionality

  • seamless integration with remaining OPUS modules


You are only a few mouse clicks away from applying different order scenarios to hundreds of customer portfolios.

Just decide and leave the work to PATRONAS OPUS!


PATRONAS OPUS facilitates the efficient – electronic or manual – entry and management of multi asset order types. All order and execution relevant activities can be controlled and monitored in real time via a user friendly and configurable front end.

Every step in the order and execution process is stored and accessible for reporting and compliance purposes. This transparency leads to an optimisation of your trading process and safeguards the quality of your performance.

PATRONAS OPUS Order Management is fully integrated with all additional OPUS modules to guarantee minimised administrative effort and maximum control of your complete order flow.

Straight-through processing for optimised order management!


Order Management module – a snapshot:

  • individual configuration of Graphical User Interface (GUI) per user

  • order input manually or directly from the portfolio – by modeling or copying of orders

  • order import via Excel/CSV

  • DMA, care order and algorithmic order flow for equities, certificates, funds, bonds, options, warrants, futures, loans, forex, demand deposits, commodities and swaps

  • existing interfaces to leading static and market data providers

  • electronic and manual maintenance of fundamental data for all relevant asset classes

  • multi-protocol management of orders

    • order placement and execution via FIX protocol

    • order confirmation via SWIFT or CSV

  • centralized order book

  • reconciliation of portfolios, trades and cash accounts with internal and external systems and counterparties

  • ongoing reconciliation of legal portfolio and transaction inventories with the PATRONAS OPUS Data Warehouse

  • extensive execution management including valuta, commissions and other fees

  • archiving and historical analysis of portfolio positions, cash and margin accounts and fundamental data

  • full control and analysis of broker performance

  • full audit trail


PATRONAS OPUS Order Management is based on high performance and utmost efficiency. In addition, the possibility to connect effortlessly to your partners and customers represents a valuable service and strongly improves your position in the market and against your competitors.


The monitoring and verification of associated risk is a very important component of every investment process.

A thorough compliance process, taking into account different geographical regulatory requirements and the big diversity in fund specific rules, is indispensable and requires increasingly complex and powerful IT solutions.

​PATRONAS OPUS offers a fully integrated, high-performance Compliance Rules Engine (CRE), which guarantees the low latency and simultaneous examination of compliance and counterparty risk across multiple portfolios and portfolio positions, as well as taking into account company risk and key figures. 

​This efficient pre trade risk control helps avoid portfolio violations and complex discussions with auditors and regulatory authorities, which results in a considerable reduction of risk and related cost.

PATRONAS OPUS provides you with the most powerful tools and functionality to master the complexity of Compliance Management. 


Compliance Management module – a snapshot:

  • pre and post trade portfolio health checks: simultaneous high-performance and low latency portfolio simulation and analysis across multiple portfolios, positions and transactions. PATRONAS OPUS Compliance Engine can operate fully automated or upon request

  • implementation of any legal or fund specific compliance rules (UCITS; AIFMD), including the flexible configuration of investment limits

  • detection of any compliance breach before the order is sent to market

  • pre and post trade analysis of new or existing asset classes, including pending orders. „What-if“ simulations provide a detailed overview of any possible limit violation, including the reason behind it. As a result, it is very easy to assess and correct the relevant order details before re-sending the order to market.

  • risk calculation and monitoring

    • market risk (VaR, commitment, “gross”, Sum of Notionals, etc.)

    • counterparty risk

    • concentration risk

    • liquidity risk

  • monitoring of individual risk parameters

  • post trade/post booking checks based on different criteria (executed, booked, settled)

  • user configurable output

  • the entire compliance analysis, results and logs are stored within the system.
    Whenever required, a full audit trail can be easily accessed during auditor inspections, providing your company with the required level of operational transparency

Let PATRONAS OPUS help you become fully automated, structured and compliant!


FIX is the language used by global financial buy- and sell-side institutions, routing networks and regulators to communicate order and trade information.

PATRONAS OPUS Order Routing makes use of the FIX protocol as well as of alternative non-FIX message protocols for both pre and post trade activities. The complete process from real time data enquiries, order entry, execution monitoring as well as fee calculations and bookings is fully automated and managed by the PATRONAS OPUS Order Routing module.  

PATRONAS OPUS comes with a fully integrated multi-protocol messaging platform, managing up to several thousands of messages per second. This messaging platform is – like every other PATRONAS OPUS module – fully scalable and adapts to your changing needs. The result is a rule-based, straight-through process as well as full transparency during the handling and management of your complete order flow. 

The choice of messaging standards and open interfaces guarantee flexible communication and maximum interoperability with internal or external counterparties or systems, i.e. report generators or performance measurement tools.


Order Routing module – a snapshot:

  • coverage of all available FIX versions as well as alternative open messaging standards

  • electronic or manual order entry

  • central order book

  • management of all existing order and transaction types, including single, basket and block orders

  • all order specific information, i.e. settlement instructions, fees and valuta details are attached to the order and are automatically transmitted and stored

  • all relevant order and execution details are archived and available from the PATRONAS OPUS Data Warehouse via XML, via ODBC or via generic interface

  • Audit Trail and historical analysis of all order and trade information

  • the integrated messaging platform enables the routing of the orders to numerous international brokers, networks and execution venues via individual connectivity or via proprietary FIX network (


Take full control of your order flow!


Efficient portfolio and order management nowadays requires massive amounts of international and multi-asset static and market data in various formats and from multiple sources. In addition, there has been a considerable increase in regulatory requirements concerning the correct storage of all relevant data related to portfolio management, order and execution workflow as well as compliance.

PATRONAS OPUS Data Management is a powerful module, providing you with access to multiple data providers for static and market data feeds. At the same time, it allows access to relevant archived data on portfolio management, order processing and compliance within the PATRONAS OPUS system, for as long as you require it. This enables you to generate regulatory compliant or customer specific reports and analysis – in whatever format and whenever needed.


PATRONAS OPUS Data Warehousing module – snapshot view: 

  • scheduled regular static and market data downloads from different data providers, as well as latest updates upon demand

  • integration of multiple data feeds via PATRONAS OPUS DataCore

  • PATRONAS OPUS Data Warehousing provides:

    • position data

    • order data

    • risk data

    • static data

    • market data

    • legal accounting data (on basis of NAV)

  • PATRONAS OPUS – as a report repository:

    • legally compliant documentation

    • analysis, reporting and archiving of historical fund data

  • access to all information related to an order and the associated investment compliance

  • market conformity check of orders and their execution

  • The Time Machine view provides access to all data and information available for a specific moment or period in the past



PATRONAS OPUS Data Management – for an efficient Investment Book of Records (IBOR).


Efficient risk monitoring has become a constant and increasing challenge to controllers all over the world.

Upon the touch of a button and on-the-fly, PATRONAS OPUS provides you with a sophisticated and powerful solution to calculate huge amounts of risk ratios against numerous benchmarks, freely definable per analysis.


PATRONAS OPUS Risk Management module – a snapshot:

  • real-time monitoring of investment limits

  • separate analysis and back testing for different fund classes

  • integration of risk, Value at Risk and performance ratios in OPUS Compliance

  • calculation of risk and performance ratios – for any specific time period:

    • highest, average and lowest value for the performance of your fund and its benchmarks for a given period

    • number of positive performances (%)

    • number of funds that perform better than their benchmark

    • standard deviation

    • tracking error

    • information ratio Beta

    • determination coefficient

    • Jensen‘s Alpha

    • Sharpe ratio

    • Treynor ratio

  • rapid assessment of the overall situation, including a more detailed analysis of the individual results via cockpit chart

  • NAV/portfolio evaluation and simulation in real time

  • individual benchmark definitions

  • archiving and possibility to export all data related to a fund, a fund portfolio, pay-outs and benchmarks

  • performance evaluation versus benchmark



PATRONAS OPUS Risk Management provides you with all analytics necessary to successfully control your risk!


Reconciliation is a key component in active portfolio and risk management and all relevant information is exchanged and adjusted on a daily basis.


Already today, PATRONAS OPUS offers a large number of available interfaces for the exchange of information between portfolio management and the relevant custodians and legal accounting counterparties. Legal accounting data can be imported and reconciled via a standard interface or via dedicated fund accounting interfaces.

PATRONAS OPUS Reconciliation module – a snapshot:

  • simultaneous exchange of information (Reconciliation) with numerous counterparties via the PATRONAS OPUS Universal Reconciliation Platform (URP)

  • Interface options:

    • dedicated interface

    • standard Excel input sheet

  • rule-based reconciliation of fund data with legal accounting data, positions will be matched

  • executed orders are booked automatically. This is triggered by a reconciliation process based on NAV data provided by your legal accounting partners

  • cash, cash-equivalent positions as well as share class information will be updated

  • control and adjustment of all legal accounting data

  • daily and historical analysis of the adjusted data in URP

  • available data scope:

    • positions

    • evaluation of positions (asset, currency)

    • cash and cash-equivalent (per currency)

    • unit flow per share class

    • NAV per share class



OPUS Reconciliation – for the most up-to-date and verified fund data!


PATRONAS OPUS Reporting allows you to offer your customers and your sales team up-to-date information for any freely defined period of time and based on the individual requirements of the various counterparties.

A few clicks with your mouse and the system provides you with a full overview of all relevant data – either manually or via automation. As well as offering the possibility to pre-configure individual report templates, you can also schedule the automated mailing process to pre-defined lists of recipients.

This considerably reduces your administrative as well as time effort and minimises your cost.


PARONAS OPUS Reporting module – a snapshot:

  • PATRONAS OPUS Reporting allows you to create:

    • customer specific templates – the illustrated business ratios, charts and fundamental data can be defined separately for each report, adjusted to the specific needs of your customers

    • single or multi page fact sheets, that can be mailed or printed – based on your specific requirements

    • automated mailing process – via predefined mailing lists

  • PATRONAS OPUS Reporting provides unlimited access to fund specific business ratios from the PATRONAS OPUS Data Warehouse:

    • fundamental data, costs, price chart of the fund, asset allocation and fund strategy

    • comments by fund managers

    • risk ratios of the fund compared to its benchmark:

      • Standard Deviation

      • Correlation

      • Sharpe Ratio

      • Beta

      • Tracking Error

      • Treynor Ratio

    • fund performance, largest fund positions, industry distribution

    • monthly fund performance versus benchmark, internal benchmarks etc.

    • Value at Risk key figures, back and stress testing results

    • Liquidity Risk key figures with stress testing results

  • Compliance Reporting via:

    • PATRONAS OPUS views can be exported to Excel

    • reporting tables

  • Legal Reporting (Solvency II, CRR/CRD, VAG, SolvV)

  • VaR and LiqRisk reporting

  • MiFID II Transaction Reporting (RTS22/RTS24)

    • PATRONAS OPUS provides the necessary transaction data i.e. information and sends it to the respective ARM

    • reports based on confirmed orders

  • performance indicators, charts and quote details are always up-to-date and can be enriched by data from external data providers or by imported data, using open interfaces



PATRONAS OPUS Reporting – all the information necessary, whenever needed, in any format required!