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Our highly experienced team of specialists can help you with any particular requirements you might have with regard to software installation, configuration, project management, project planning or any other support services that go beyond our standard service offering.

Please contact us to discuss all options available.



Our standard support is included in your standard license agreement. We provide you with access to our help desk via telephone or email. In addition, we offer access to documentation and customer specific communication via our web portal.




PATRONAS Academy offers specifically designed training programs. Our experienced instructors will introduce you to all aspects of the OPUS software suite, as well as to useful processes for your daily business operations, so that you can achieve a maximum of success and efficiency.


We help you gain competence and experience, so that you can make the best use of our software and realize its full potential. It is in our and your best interest that you are able to work independently and efficiently with our products.


Customized training within the context of a project implementation process is as much part of our Academy offering as are standard refresher or advanced training sessions or an introductory training for new employees. We put the focus of all our programs on practise, hence we attach greatest value to the active usage of the software during the training sessions.

For questions and more information:

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