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Image by Simon Wilkes

Active contribution to climate and environmental protection as part of our customer survey

As a thank you for participating in the first holistic customer survey at PATRONAS Financial Systems, we have decided to make an active contribution to climate protection. For each participant, PATRONAS will plant a tree in cooperation with a company that specializes in tree planting. The company will do the "Going Green". This means that our partner will plant a number of trees rounded up by PATRONAS Financial Systems at the end of our campaign.


In doing so, we combine the business objective of finding out what our customers think about our products and services with an ecological one. We are deliberately using an effective and sustainable means of combating climate change. A tree not only absorbs CO2 while releasing oxygen, but also provides a habitat for wildlife. And it also ensures healthy soil.



As part of our customer survey, in which all active users of the PATRONAS Product Group were invited to participate, PATRONAS Financial Systems will work with participating customers to make the green campaign a success for environmental and climate protection.

Freiburg, November 2021

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