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How do you take care of your customer experience?

At PATRONAS Financial Systems, we have recognised that it is important to place the customer experience at the heart of our activities.

The customer experience (CX) is a multi-dimensional event. It describes how your company is perceived from the outside during each and every interaction with your customers. CX takes place at every touchpoint of the Customer journey. At PATRONAS Financial Systems, we have set up a CX team last year with the target to deliver an experience to our customers, not just a product. The team aims to work closely with our customers, regularly soliciting feedback and implementing suggestions directly to create added value for our customers.

CX Team tasks at a glance:

  • Improve the usability of our products

  • Participation in new product/feature developments

  • Create and elaborate the design of our products

  • Create the external image of PATRONAS

  • Maintain active contact with customers and collect feedback

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