is a leading software provider for the international investment industry.

PATRONAS Financial Systems was co-founded in 2003 by Carsten Osswald and Heribert Steuer, who still fully own and manage the company. This management stability and their in-depth knowledge and understanding of this complex and rapidly changing industry has enabled us to constantly grow our product coverage and customer base.

Today, thousands of institutional investors and traders use our software to successfully manage and control their portfolios, their risk and their order and execution flow. In addition, our advanced multi-protocol messaging technology FrontFIX and our hosted and managed connectivity to, a leading order routing network, offer readily available and powerful solutions for global connectivity and execution access.


We are committed to our customers. Their requirements are our mission and we constantly strive to deliver the most advanced and customisable solutions suitable for their changing requirements.

PATRONAS – your partner in a constantly evolving industry!