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The challenges and demands on regulatory compliant investment management within the insurance industry are rapidly evolving. They become increasingly complex and diverse, and hence require continuous innovation and the use of advanced technology.

Our comprehensive investment management solution PATRONAS Assure supports insurers with a single, cost efficient system to manage and control all aspects of their investment management activities, even if all or part of these activities have been delegated to external asset managers.

PATRONAS Assure is a multi-asset, multi-currency solution with sophisticated analysing tools. This enables you to efficiently switch between instruments, markets and execution venues whenever required. In addition, its open API infrastructure allows you to integrate with any existing internal or external systems or counterparties.

The solution also offers complete transparency by providing your end customers with real-time access and visibility to their investments.

Full flexibility, if and when needed!

PATRONAS Assure – for Insurance Companies:

  • Control and adjust client profiles, obligatory regulatory rules for specific jurisdictions, but also individual fund and portfolio specific rules and limits

  • Pre/post trade, as well as real-time portfolio simulation

  • Monitor and control compliance and any compliance breach

  • On-the-fly portfolio analysis and real-time evaluation of all investment classes

  • Performance measurement and quantitative analysis

  • Order and trade management

  • Full audit trail

  • Automated reporting

  • Monitor external asset managers’ activities

  • Choice of support levels

  • Deployed, managed or fully hosted & managed set-up

PATRONAS Assure – the most time and cost efficient way to get started!

We give you the tools to better  run, control and develop your business!

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