PATRONAS powering your financial business

PATRONAS Financial Systems GmbH is a leading provider of investment management and brokerage solutions in Europe.

We design, implement and support – based on our product platforms OPUS and TradeDirector – customized and highly integrated order processing solutions targeting buy- and sell-side customers for more than 10 years. Even the straight-through-processing and reconciliation of orders between Investment Manager, Broker and Custodian is part of our solution offering.

Of course as one of the pioneers of SaaS solutions, all our products and solutions are available as “Software as a Service” offering.

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Financial Systems GmbH

Founded 2003
by Carsten Osswald & Heribert Steuer

Registered Office:
Schnewlinstrasse 12
79098 Freiburg

Phone: +49 761 400 688 -0
FAX: +49 761 400 688 -50